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Strengthening Security with Safety Nets: A Rugged and Versatile Solution

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Safety is a crucial aspect in all areas of our lives, and an effective way to increase safety is through the use of safety nets. These nets, made of strong and durable nylon, adapt to a variety of situations, providing protection and peace of mind. Below, we will delve into the characteristics and uses of these nets.

Nylon Protective Nets: Robustness and Adaptability

Our protective nets are made of nylon, the most resistant and durable synthetic material. The size of your frame can be 50×50 mm. or 100×100 mm. depending on the objects to be protected.

100 mm frame nets.

These nets are ideal to protect from footballs and basketballs. They are also used to protect the fall of large objects or even people. Being a more economical option, they do not excessively obstruct sunlight.

These protective nets can be installed in large and small spaces, as they are easy to install and visually attractive. Knotted nets increase their strength and, with a few anchoring points, they adapt perfectly to the space to be covered. They are frequently used in soccer fields, whether it is indoor soccer, 7-a-side soccer or large soccer.

50 mm frame nets.

On the other hand, the 50 mm frame protection net is suitable for tennis balls, paddle balls and smaller diameter balls. It is also used to protect people from falling or to cover enclosures where there are animals. As it is a smaller frame, its resistance is greater.

This type of netting is heavier and is recommended for medium and small spaces. It is widely used as a protection net on balconies and terraces when we have a pet, such as a cat.

Conclusion: Safety Nets, a Practical and Durable Solution

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Therefore, safety nets are an excellent solution for problems with neighbors or people on the street who are afraid to approach an area frequented by athletes. They are an economical, durable and easy to purchase option. If you are interested, you can visit our netting store in Barcelona or contact us and we will send it to you wherever you request.

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