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What are Concealment Meshes and why do you need them?

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In the world of landscaping and outdoor decorating, privacy screens are an essential resource for those seeking versatility and efficiency. From sunlight control to privacy enhancement, these polyethylene tools offer practical solutions for a variety of needs.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what concealment screens are and why you might need them.

Introduction to the world of concealment meshes

Polyethylene is a synthetic material recognized for its resistance to adverse weather conditions, and it is precisely this material that is used in the manufacture of privacy screens. These meshes are designed from high density woven polyethylene and are available in different colors, allowing to absorb or reflect sunlight according to the needs.

The concealment meshes are recommended to hide the view of enclosures in construction sites, outdoor parking lots, crops and patios. Given their quality-price ratio, they are ideal for covering large areas, such as large balconies and other large spaces.

Diversity and adaptability of concealment meshes

The diversity in colors and shading percentages of the meshes depends on the specific use to be given to them. Shading nets are manufactured with different amounts of fabric to regulate the amount of light received by the plants, adapting to the natural light conditions required for each type of crop. In this way, shading nets allow us to regulate the microclimatic conditions of the crop.

In addition, the meshes come in rolls of various sizes, ranging from 1×50 meters to 5×100 meters. The most commonly used concealment netting is green on one side and black on the side to be concealed.

Advantages of using concealment netting

Screens provide several benefits for both the environment and the well-being of the plants:

  • Temperature reduction, thus reducing the amount of water needed by the plants.
  • Regulation of the passage of rainwater.
    Promotion of a correct water circulation.
  • Reduction of thermal oscillations, protecting the plants.
  • Reduction of the presence of different insects.
  • Improved crop aeration.
  • Avoidance of light stress on plants.

Conclusion: Screens are a great solution to achieve privacy without sacrificing appearance.

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In short, concealment screens are a practical, economical and efficient solution to optimize the conditions of your open spaces, whether they are for leisure, work or cultivation. If you are looking for ways to improve your spaces while saving resources, concealment screens may be the ideal choice for you.

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