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A Guide to Creating a Decorative Rope Climb

trepa de cuerdas

Creating a decorative climbing frame with ropes may seem complicated, but with the right instructions, you can do it yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Materials Needed

  • 4 strands rope (the strands are the filaments that form the rope).
  • Firm metallic structure.
  • Cable ties.
  • Tape or marker.
  • Fine thread.


  1. Preparation of the rope: Cut the rope into different lengths and lay it in half, so that there are about 10 to 15 cm between the ends that will hang down. Hook these ends with cable ties to a firm metal structure.

  2. Marking the Vertical Poles: Mark the vertical poles or bars every 10 to 15 cm with a tape or marker. This mark will indicate where the horizontal rope will pass.

  3. Guide Line: Place a thin thread to mark the line where the horizontal rope will pass, intertwining the hanging ropes.

  4. Intertwining the Rope: Start at the top left corner and pass the entire rope through, intertwining the strands so that the squares are perfect. Keep in mind the line you have previously marked. Once you reach the right stick, go down to the bottom mark and do the same in reverse. Continue this process until you reach the end.

  5. Rope Finish: Leave a little bit of rope at all the ends and then finish them off with a soldering iron so that they are well compact. It is also recommended to do the same with a resistant thread for a greater durability of the climbing.

In summary, creating a rope climbing decoration can be an easy and fun project.

trepa cuerdas

Creating a decorative climbing frame with ropes requires time and patience, but the end result can be truly impressive. Remember that it is also highly recommended to make an initial plan to know where the ropes should go.

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