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Safety Nets for People and Construction Sites

Safety nets for people are an integral part of any type of construction site and at Nets and Ropes, we offer a variety of netting solutions that are safe, durable and strong. Our safety nets are designed and built to withstand heavy use while providing maximum support for workers.

Safety Nets on Construction Sites

In this section, we offer various safety nets for the construction site. Below, we explain the types of nets we have:

Red Tipo S o Horizontales

Type "S" or Horizontal Netting

This is a safety net system with perimeter rope defined by the UNE EN 1263 standard and designed for horizontal use.
It is generally used during the construction process of industrial buildings where metal, wood or concrete structures abound. It is also used in repair and maintenance works. Its main function is to protect workers from falling and to provide them with safety so that they can carry out an effective job.

Type "V" or Vertical Network

This safety net is used in vertical floors, generally made of reinforced concrete. It is placed on the second floor and is moved to higher floors as work progresses.
The net is placed vertically, and normally measures 5×10 mts, although we can make them as required.

redes tipo v de construccion verticales
redes tipo T construcction

T-Type net or Tray

These nets are placed horizontally and their main function is to prevent smaller pieces of the work from falling into the street. For this reason, nets with smaller mesh are used.
Generally, the nets are long and narrow, with a maximum width of 2 meters.

Quality and Safety in our Protection Networks

Our safety nets are manufactured from high quality nylon, which guarantees exceptional strength and durability. In addition, all our nets undergo rigorous quality controls and comply with all relevant safety regulations. This means you can rest assured that you are providing a safe and reliable environment.

Redes de Protección de Nylon y Polipropileno

Nylon and Polypropylene Protective Netting

We have protection nets in Nylon and Polypropylene suitable for closing spaces. Depending on their use and location, we recommend using one or the other. These nets have a mesh size of 40 mm and a thread thickness of 3mm. In addition, all our nets are equipped with thicker ropes at the edges for greater security.

The most demanded nets are in white color, but we also have them in black and green.

Children's Anti-Trap Net

Our anti-climb netting is a perfect solution to prevent children from climbing in areas where they should not. With a 4-6 mm frame, this net is only available in black and is ideal for covering a large enclosure.

red de cuerda
decoracion con cuerdas


We know that every playground is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a net of a specific size or color, or a net with specific features, our team is ready to help.

cuerda de alta tenacidad

UV protection

All our playground nets have been treated with UV protection. This treatment ensures that our nets can withstand the damaging effects of UV rays and adverse weather conditions, allowing for long lasting durability both indoors and outdoors.

red construccion

Customer Service and Support

At Nets and Ropes, we are committed to providing high quality netting solutions that ensure the safety of children while they have fun in the playground. If you have any questions about our playground nets, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your playground.

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