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Browse our catalog to see our wide selection of products and services. Our cordage offers nets, ropes, playground materials and much more:


Packaging and Protection Nets

Safety and packaging nets from Redes y Cuerdas are essential for the safety of people as well as for the protection of objects.

In addition, our packaging nets are ideal for covering or transporting any type of goods safely.

All our nets are specially treated to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions, ensuring their durability both indoors and outdoors.

We specialize in tailor-made nets, offering a quick response for urgent orders and providing personalized attention to each customer.

net mercaderia
Unas redes de seguridad que cubren un edificio. Atma Acupuncture

Sports Nets

Sport nets from Nets and Ropes are perfect for sports centers, schools, gyms and any physical activity space.

They are designed with the right features, including net hole size and twine thickness, to ensure their suitability for every sport.

Like our packaging and protection nets, our sports nets are prepared to withstand environmental challenges, ensuring their durability in any type of facility, whether indoors or outdoors.

In addition, we specialize in the creation of custom-made sports nets, guaranteeing a quick response for urgent orders.

Un gimnasio con portería de fútbol y muro verde. Atma Acupuncture
red deporte
Un gato cuelga de una ventana en una ciudad, protegido por una red de seguridad. Atma Acupuncture
Un balcón con barandilla metálica y valla metálica. (Palabras clave: cuerdas, redes de protección) Atma Acupuncture

Safety Nets and Netting for Children, Cats and other animals on Balconies

Safety nets for terraces, windows and balconies.

We offer reliable solutions such as fall protection nets and safety nets for children.

The safety nets we sell are custom-made nylon nets that provide high security for cats, pigeons, pets and other animals, avoiding the breakage of the thread due to a claw or bite.

Our cat safety netting can be used both indoors and outdoors and provides high durability and strength.

Cat nets are easy to install as they can be easily attached to any flange or different types of twine.

Safety Nets for People and Worksites

Safety nets for people and construction are essential and we make sure to provide high quality options that protect workers effectively.

We offer durable safety netting solutions for construction sites, ensuring the highest possible protection.

Red Tipo S o Horizontales


“S” or horizontal nets are commonly used in construction and maintenance work to ensure the protection of operators against falls and to allow them to work safely.

redes tipo v de construccion verticales


“V” or vertical nets are used in vertical structures, typically of reinforced concrete, starting at the first floor and ascending as the construction progresses. We adapt them according to the required dimensions.

redes tipo T construcction


The “T” or tray type nets are placed horizontally to prevent small fragments of construction work from falling onto the roadway, using a mesh with smaller holes. They are usually elongated with a width not exceeding 2 meters.


High Tenacity Ropes

We have a wide variety of twisted and braided ropes of different sizes and colors.
In our rope store in Barcelona we can advise you what type of rope is for your needs, whether it is construction, nautical, climbing or if you like decorating with ropes.

cuerda de cañamo


Ropes made of natural fibers such as cotton, sisal and hemp, in various thicknesses. We highlight the hemp rope, which offers many applications for its use and is resistant to UV rays and water, besides having a soft and aesthetic touch. It is also one of the ropes for construction. Ropes made of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, polyester or nylon, in different sizes and colors.


High tenacity braided ropes in nylon, polyester and polypropylene in various thicknesses.

We highlight high tenacity halyards. The braided rope can be of different materials and colors.

We also have spools of yarn and elastic bands.

venta de cuerdas y redes


Twisted ropes of 3 or 4 strands and different thickness.

In our Barcelona twine shop we make custom-made mooring ropes. In addition, a thimble can be included inside the gauze.

These nautical ropes can be braided or twisted rope and ensure a long durability and reliability.

venta de cuerdas y redes
imitacion de cuerda de canamo

Decorative Ropes

Decorative ropes are a modern way of decorating the home, premises or enclosure. There are multiple ways to decorate, either by winding any object, or through vertical or horizontal ropes in the form of ceiling or wall. In R & C we advise you when choosing that rope that can give an extra decorative point to your restaurant, local or home. Whether indoors or outdoors, we help you to modernize and differentiate you from the most classic places. We also carry out the placement of the same, if necessary.

redes y cuerdas decoración

Climbing Nets and Bridges for Children's Playgrounds

We have a wide repertoire of nets for all types of playgrounds and playgrounds, camps, toy libraries, etc. All made by hand, from polypropylene or nylon ropes, which ensure a high durability of the product. Our specialty.



We manufacture the climbing net in a handmade way from 16 mm. polypropylene ropes.

In our workshop, we have a variety of tools and materials that allow us to custom-make the climbing net, offering tailored grid sizes and overall dimensions.

This flexibility enables us to cater to our clients’ specific needs, ensuring quality work whether for homes, children’s playgrounds, camps, or venues. Thus, children, teenagers, and adults can enjoy not only an attractive product but also one that’s safe and long-lasting.



The V bridge, also known as the Tibetan bridge, is crafted using 16mm polypropylene rope, with a spacing of 12-15 cm in width between ropes.

The bridge design includes two handrails positioned vertically and a walkway set horizontally.

We cater to any dimension, whether it’s in terms of the grid configuration or overall size.

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