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Bird Protection Nets: Effective protection against birds

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In the world of agriculture and the protection of spaces, anti-bird nets have become a valuable resource. Let’s know in detail what these nets are and how they can help you protect your crops and spaces, without harming our bird friends.

A Protective Shield: The Anti-Bird Netting

Anti-bird nets are structures designed to prevent the damage that birds can cause to vegetables, fruits, or any other space you need to protect. These nets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, providing effective protection against all types of birds, without harming them.

Variety and Application

The two most common meshes have 5×5 cm and 10×10 cm squares. The 5×5 cm mesh serves as a secure barrier against smaller birds and is also ideal for protecting farms that house chickens, rabbits, among others.

The 10×10 cm mesh, also known as anti-pigeon mesh, is effective in preventing the entry of pigeons, sparrows and other common birds into our territory.

Our Quality: Nylon Nets

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At Nets and Ropes, our anti-bird nets are made of nylon, the most widely used synthetic fiber due to its superior strength and moderate flexibility. They offer a soft touch and exceptional durability, guaranteeing a quality product.

Extended Protection

In addition to preventing the incursion of birds, these nets also serve as a protective barrier on balconies, terraces and patios, guarding against objects or animals that may come from outside.

Conclusion: The Protection You Need

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Whether you are looking to protect your crops, your farm or your outdoor spaces, bird netting is an effective and environmentally friendly solution. Remember, at Nets and Ropes we are here to help you select the right netting for your needs.

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